Gomberg Seltzer Works

Every seltzer bottle is hand-filled in the last remaining seltzer factory in New York City. Gomberg Seltzer Works, Inc. is over 60 years old. It was established in 1953 by Moe Gomberg and his son Pacey Gomberg. Third-generation owner Kenny Gomberg and his partner Irv Resnick have every intention of keeping the business fizzing.

Most of the bottles that pass through Gomberg Seltzer Works were hand-blown in Czechoslovakia and Austria in the 1800’s. The antique bottles are filled in a 100-year-old, London-made Barnett & Foster siphon filler. New York City tap water is triple-filtered through layers of sand, charcoal, and paper. It is then chilled to 43°F. The carbonator is a small vessel which mixes water and CO2 with a series of rotating paddles. The resulting product, seltzer, is forced under pressure into a six-head siphon filling machine.

Gomberg Seltzer Works was featured on New York Originals, an Emmy Award winning PBS Television Show by Jamie McDonald. Click on the video below:

To learn more about the last seltzer factory in New York City, please refer to the documentary below by Jessica Edwards.

The following piece, produced by Melissa Rose Cooper, was for Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B: The Business of Brooklyn. For more information about Brooklyn Independent Television you may go to bricartsmedia.org/bit